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Day 1: Own Your Career

Promotions Are So Yesterday

Julie Winkle Giulioni


Be Happier in Your Career Life

Todd Cherches

CEO, BigBlueGumball

Be the Boss of your Resume

Diana Alt

Owner, Diana Alt Coaching&Consulting 

From Paycheck to Purpose

Ken Coleman


Creating Your  Career Direction

Christine DiDonato

Founder, Career Revolution

How to Pursue Conscious Careers

Chelsea Williams

Founder & CEO, College Code LLC

Repurposing Your Career

Marc Miller

Founder, Career Pivot

Day 2: Prepare for the Future

How to Not Be Underpaid or Undervalued

Arika Pierce

Leadership Coach

Navigate Your Career thru the Changing Work World

Lindsey Pollak

Multigenerational Workplace Expert

You Are the Brand 

Mike Kim


Becoming an Authority and Building Your Personal Brand

Mary Henderson

Personal Branding Specialist

How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World

Dorie Clark

#1 Communication Coach

Day 3: Own Your Life

Beat Burnout & Overcome Complacency

Antonio Neves


Defining Success and Carving Your Own Path

Laura Gassner Otting


Betting on You

Laurie Ruettimann


Growth Mindset for Greater Fulfillment

Karen Allen

Founder, 100% Human

From Interview to Job Offer

Madeline Mann

Founder, Career Revolution

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